Friday, March 25, 2011

Jac Stone - Live at Barsoma

Went along with a friend last night to see Jac Stone play at Barsoma.
I've never been to Barsoma before, but I'm in love with it now. Such a great bar.

Since I've seen Jac numerous times, I didn't bother to take my recording rig because I wanted to have a drink and a chat with my mate, instead of being dead quiet and still. I did take my LS-10 along though and recorded the gig. The recording is decent but I won't bother uploading it unless someone wants it.

Great set, the guys looked like they were having a blast. Chris wasn't on bass for this show, he was replaced by Yanto's brother, whos name I didn't catch.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neil Diamond - Post-show Review

Neil wasn't bad for an old man, not bad at all. As I said in my last post, I'm not a follower, so I only knew a handful of songs, but even the ones I didn't know were fantastic. His band was large and enthusiastic. Although being in my early 20's, I felt largely out of place in a crowd of 40 - 60 year olds.

Sweet Caroline was the highlight of my night, and Neil played it about 5 times in a row haha.
Probably a good thing I didn't record, security was anal about anyone even holding up a mobile to take a photo.

Great night out though.

Neil Diamond

Currently waiting for Neil Diamond to come on stage for the 2nd Brisbane show. Won't be recording tonight, was a last minute free ticket. Not sure what to expect, since its not my normal sort of show. Guess we'll see!

Jac Stone EP Launch [MP3]

Sorry it took awhile to get this one online.

Download Here