Saturday, October 29, 2011

28.10.2011 - The Grates

I've been really slack with my taping lately, tonight was no exception. Left my gear at home because I woke up literally just before the gig and rushed out.

Exceptional show, although it seems Miranda (Bass/Keys) was absent - not sure if that's how the whole tour will be. The Tivoli is a fantastic venue, the crowd wasn't as packed as the last Brisbane show but they still went nuts.

Can't really complain about this gig, the guys were as amazing as ever. There was some audio problems with Patience's microphone for a bit during Carve Your Name (I think it was that song anyway) but the crowd filled in the words. I thought the lighting was a bit lack luster since it was a show at the Tiv and not a little bar or something but thats just me being picky. Overall the show was bloody fantastic and I had a amazing time.

Flying down to Melbourne on Monday to see some friends, looks like we are all going to see The Grates at the HiFi that night! I won't be taping but I know a recording will surface shortly after so look out for it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

13.10.2011 - The Wombats

This show was originally set to be played at The Arena but it got upgraded to the Riverstage to fit more people. Perfect! Except torrential rain hit Brisbane less than an hour before the show. Soaking wet and cold, it was still one hell of a show.

I didn't record because of the heavy rain. I'm really annoyed because it was such a great gig. The guys said they'll be back in March so I'll be sure to record then!

Amazing show full of energy. Fantastic crowd too. Highlights included 1996, Let's Dance To Joy Division and Techno Fan. I don't know what else I can say about this gig, it was just incredible.

After the encore the guys did a little jam session, I managed to get that recorded.

  Encore Jam Session by shadowfax1007

Monday, October 10, 2011

06.10.2011 - Meatloaf

Despite the rough media beat up on Meatloaf lately (Search for the AFL Grand Final performance..) - I still thoroughly enjoyed the show. Meatloaf is something of an idol for me, I grew up on his music and have remained a massive fan. With that said I went into the show with low expectations. I was proved wrong, I came out buzzing.

I must admit, being 64 years old the man isn't in his prime anymore, but he still didn't disappoint! I was a bit shocked to hear 'Bat Out of Hell' as the third song, would have preferred it much later in the set, but it was a solid two hour show. He didnt do too great with newer songs, out of breath and failing to hit the right key, but he made sure to impress on the classics. 

Was I disappointed with the AFL performance, absolutely. Was I disappointed with the Brisbane show? Not a chance.

Meatloaf was supported by Thirsty Merc. Not a fan, doubt I ever will be. That's not a beat up on the band, I'm sure their music appeals to others, just not me. Not sure why they'd support Meatloaf though... Regardless their set was pretty solid. A note to the lead singer though (Rai I think it is) - after every song, stop standing up, cheering and looking for applause. If you're good, people will clap and cheer..