Saturday, July 30, 2011

17.05.2011 - Ben Folds UPDATE

I know I said ages ago I was going to upload this show, but I never got round to it.
After I cut up the whole show into individual tracks, I realised I missed one song. I pretty much couldn't be bothered to recut the show, so up until recently I forgot about it.

Having re-listened to the show, I'm not sure its worth uploading. As I've said before, I didn't bring my mics, so the show was recorded with my LS-10 sitting in my lap.

I've uploaded one song for people to listen to. If you think its worth uploading the whole show, let me know in the comments.

17.05.2011.benfolds.saskia.hamilton by shadowfax1007

Big Scary - Microwave Pizza - Large Noises

Large Noises recently shot Big Scary performing Microwave Pizza. Absolutely one of my favourite new songs. Can't wait to see them at BIGSOUND.

Large Noises - Big Scary - Microwave Pizza from Large Noises on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Really looking forward to BIGSOUND 2011. Last year was fantastic (despite missing the Jezebels). The second line up announcement came today, with 50 something bands!

Here are a couple of act's I'm keen to see!

Amaya Laucirica
Ball Park Music
Big Scary
Emma Louise
Imaginary Cities
Inland Sea
Lanie Lane
Last Dinosaurs
Owl Eyes
Papa Vs Pretty
The Getaway Plan
The Jungle Giants
The Medics
Tiny Ruins

You can check out all these artists and more here.

I've seen a fair few of these acts before, so I'm keen to see them again. Big Scary left a big impression on me at the Grates show recently. For just over $50, 2 nights of entertainment in a form similar to SWSX (running to and from venues, tents, bars and basements) - it's worth the money.

Here is a video of Washington at last years BIGSOUND

Thursday, July 14, 2011

AUS Taping Scene Setback

Seeing this happen to a fellow taper annoys the shit out of me.

I honestly wish Australia was more accepting of tapers, like the US. When will companies see that these recordings/blogs promote their artists, not ruin their sales.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

01.07.2011 - The Grates

Patience (The Grates)
What a show!
I cannot believe the amount of energy Patience has. Interesting to see the Grates go from a 3 piece band, to a 2 piece band with 2 other members at live shows.

01 - Carve Your Name
02 - Science Is Golden
03 - Earthquake
04 - Like You Could Have It All
05 - Milk Eyes
06 - 19-20-20
07 - Two Kinds Of Right
08 - Change
09 - Sweet Dreams
10 - Rock Boys
11 - Borrowed Skin
12 - Feels Like Pain (Patience crowd surfing)
13 - Young Pricks
14 - Burn Bridges
15 - Turn Me On
16 - Trampoline
17 - Aw Yeah

Personally, I love the new songs and it was great to hear them live. Patience crowd surfing was fantastic, and her monster suit with confetti in the encore was great. Will be sure to see them next time they are in town. Got the all clear from the guys to tape this show.

Download Now!

First time recording with my sub-cardioid caps. I love the sound but got some mild bass distortion, despite running my levels low, powering on 12V, line in and having no level peaks. Probably didn't help that I stack taped. Regardless, it's barely noticeable.

Friday, July 1, 2011

01.07.2010 - Guineafowl

Saw these guys at BIGSOUND 2010. Fun act to watch. Although I understand the lead singer uses the stage name Guineafowl, he should really make it a band name - he would just be pretty average without the band. Regardless, good to see them supporting The Grates.