Saturday, November 19, 2011

31.10.2011 - The Grates (DOWNLOAD)

Head over to Fan Made Recordings to get the recording of The Grates in Melbourne.

I know this post technically isn't about a Brisbane concert, but I was there and The Grates are a favourite of mine. This was a killer show, well worth downloading!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

31.10.2011 - The Grates

Flew down to Melbourne for a holiday to see some mates, so we got tickets to see the Grates. I saw them last Friday and they were good but this concert blew it out of the water.
The Hifi was packed, a sold out show on the eve of Halloween. The band came out covered in blood, members of the crowd in costume. I can't describe how incredible the vibe was. Same set as the Brisbane show sadly but still great.
Can't wait to see them again!


Found this photo online, taken with a Holga. I love it!