Saturday, November 10, 2012

09.11.2012 - Ben Harper

This was my second time seeing Ben Harper live, however this time it was a solo performance.

There is plenty to enjoy with this recording. The concert itself went for three hours!
A solid mix of songs spanning Ben's whole career, there is something for fans new and old. Ben himself told many interesting stories throughout the show, most touching was the story of how his families music store came to be.

Unfortunately this was one of -those- concerts where every drunk wanker had to yell out their "hilarious" remarks, whistle, screech or in their drunken state they must have thought Ben was a jukebox and not a musician. There seemed to be a significant lack of respect among some members of the audience. Some of the banter was amusing though and Ben engaged with a few of the audience members.

The highlight for me was the cover of the Bruce Springsteen classic Atlantic City. Plenty of other great moments in this recording though, so give it a listen!


01 - Diamonds On The Inside
02 - Masterpiece
03 - Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye cover)
04 - Mutt
05 - Pleasure And Pain
06 - Blessed To Be A Witness
07 - Amen Omen
08 - Younger Than Today
09 - Forever
10 - I Shall Not Walk Alone
11 - Excuse Me Mr
12 - Happy Birthday To Ben
13 - With My Own Two Hands
14 - Fight Outta You
15 - Indifference (Pearl Jam cover)
16 - Another Lonely Day
17 - Walk Away
18 - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley cover)
19 - Burn One Down
20 - Trying Not To Fall In Love With You
21 - Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen cover)
22 - When She Believes
23 - Waiting On An Angel
24 - Power Of The Gospel
25 - Please Bleed

As always, this recording is provided freely for fan enjoyment and is not to be redistributed or used for commercial purposes.