Monday, April 2, 2012

30.03.2012 - Kate Miller-Heidke

I've seen Kate Miller-Heidke numerous times over the past few years and each time I've been even more impressed than the last. So whenever I see Kate announce a tour, I get tickets straight away. 

I got in touch with Kate before the show and asked if I could record her set again. She was more than happy for me to do so and put me in touch with the right people to set it all up. I met up with her tour manager before the show (who even introduced me to Keir), I got to go in early and set up my stand and gear, even got to hear some tracks from Nightflight as the walk in music before the support band came on.

This time round the show consisted of Kate, Keir and Madeleine in an 'acoustic' style, rather than a full band show. I prefer Kate's shows this way anyway, in combination with the Powerhouse Theatre it helped to create a very intimate environment.

The show was a great mix of old, new and newer - featuring tracks from all over the years and the forthcoming Nightflight album. The tracks from Nightflight have a dark, deeper feel to them, which I love. The track 'Sarah' is particularly amazing.

The debut of the song Toowoomba was hilarious. It perfectly captures the city that is full of paradoxes. Other highlights for me included God's Gift To Women, The Devil Wears A Suit, Nightflight and Last Day On Earth. Kate was also full of hilarious anecdotes, if you want to learn how to correctly use the toilet, listen to this recording!


01 - Fire and Iron
02 - Politics In Space
03 - The Tiger Inside Will Eat The Child
04 - Caught In The Crowd
05 - Southern Cross Tattoo
06 - Can't Shake It
07 - The Devil Wears A Suit
08 - God's Gift To Women
09 - Nightflight
10 - Dreams (I Love You)
11 - In The Dark
12 - Toowoomba
13 - Shoebox
14 - Humiliation
15 - Last Day On Earth
16 - Sarah
17 - The Real Slim Shady
18 - Are You Fucking Kidding Me
19 - Words
20 - Space They Cannot Touch

This show was a total blast and I can't be thankful enough to Kate and her crew for being so accommodating with my recording.

NOTE: 01 - Fire and Iron has been removed at Kate's request

Just on another note, this is quite possibly the best recording I've done to date. It turned out fantastic, so have a listen.


  1. Sounds awesome! Why was Fire and Iron removed though? I adore that song and it isn't available to listen to anywhere!

  2. Kate wasn't happy with the way she sung that song on the night, so she asked me to remove it. So I respect that request and pulled the song.

  3. Thanks for putting this up, I was there on Saturday night, and it was just as amazing. :):)

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