Sunday, March 11, 2012

25.01.2012 - Washington (Insomnia)

"Insomnia is a new conceptual work by Megan Washington, created to be performed four times only - once in Sydney, then Paris, London and New York.

A multi-layered show, Insomnia incorporates art, poetry, photography and designs, all drawn from Washington's personal archives. It offers a revealing insight into an intense 12 months for the double ARIA Award-winning artist, exploring all sides of her emotional and creative life.

Insomnia's four movements - Opiate, Amphetamine, Barbiturate and Nicotine - will be performed with very special guest musicians and sound artists on a stage incorporating sculpture and set-design by Robbie Rowlands. Insomnia will be directed and arranged by noted producer Daniel Denholm."

I was extremely excited when this was announced, so I bought my tickets and booked my flights down to Sydney.

I wish I could put into words just how incredible this performance was, but you needed to be there to truly experience the atmosphere. It was the first of four performances of the Insomnia production, and somehow I think it will be the best performance of Insomnia full stop.



Interlude 1 
Sentimental Education 
Interlude 2 
Public Pool 
Interlude 3 
High Treason 
Skeleton Key 
Mirror In the Mirror 
Interlude 4 
Plastic Bag 
Holy Moses 

Sorry For Everything 
Something Small 

Encore 2:
80 Miles 

My favourite song of the night would have to be High Treason. The sheer amount of emotion Megan poured into that song was incredible. Even with some minor issues with guitarist Ben Edgar's amp at the beginning of the song, the song was flawless.

I know its taken almost two months to get this recording posted, I apologise to Washington fans and readers of my blog. I've had an immense amount of personal drama, work training and more and have simply lacked free time to do anything.