Thursday, June 9, 2011

21.04.2011 - Ben Harper (ft the Innocent Criminals)

What a show! Bluesfest had billed Ben Harper to play with his band Relentless 7. To everyone's surprise though, he played a reunion show with The Innocent Criminals! Ben Harper hasn't played with the Innocent Criminals since late 2008 - so it was destined to be a great show.

Ben Harper
Jason Yates
Juan Nelson
Leon Mobley
Michael Ward
Oliver Charles
Jessy Greene (accompanied Ben on Morning Yearning)

01 With My Own Two Hands
02 Ground On Down
03 Diamonds On The Inside
04 Gold To Me
05 Sexual Healing
06 Please Bleed
07 Black Rain
08 Glory & Consequence
09 Waiting For You

10 Morning Yearning
11 Mutt
12 Walk Away

13 She's Only Happy In The Sun
14 Amen Omen
15 Steal My Kisses
16 Burn One Down
17 Better Way

An amazing opening to the festival - glad I chose to see Ben over ZZ-Top. It was truly an experience to be in that Mojo tent that night. Not only is this worth downloading because of the reunion, but you need to hear the story about Leon and his Djembe for that night!

You can view the show info, photos etc on Ben's site here

A quick note: When recording the levels suddenly dropped on my recorder a few times throughout the show. I've edited them with envelopes and brought it back to normal. Hence why it's taken so long to get uploaded.

Download Here (MP3)
Download Here (FLAC)


  1. You are awesome....thank you so much :)

  2. Thanks, I can't wait to listen to the reunion.

    Any chance that you could post lossless files?

  3. One day but not anytime soon.
    I don't have access to stable enough internet right now, so I tether through my phone. Once I get a chance, they'll go straight up here