Thursday, January 5, 2012

05.01.2012 - Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) #BrisVegasNinjaGig

I'm really lost for ways to describe this gig.

As Amanda Palmer explains it during the gig, it was a total last minute surprise show for people that was the result of a bunch of emails and tweets about GoMA at Southbank. One thing lead to another and Amanda came down to do one of her ninja gigs.

I've never been much of a Dresden Dolls fan, but a bunch of mates are, so I decided to trek on down and record it for them. I had no idea what I was getting into...

AP requested people show up in uni-colour outfits, so it was certainly a colourful mob waiting for her arrival. As soon as she walked into GoMA she took everyone outside onto the front lawn. So quick was she to get outside and start that I didn't even have time to set up my mics! I decided to just record the show using an LS-10.

Plenty of highlights in this gig, including but not limited to:

  • A cover of Radiohead's 'Freak'
  • A cover of Amazing Grace
  • Coin Operated Boy - Improv on the ukulele with a simon-says/follow the leader/conga line
Now for some notes about the recording. It's not a great recording by any means. It was easily the most difficult gig I've had to record, with the strong wind, running around, Amanda's dancing and moving about, no amplification, level clipping - I could go on and on. I'm putting this up here for the fans - I know what its like to be a massive fan of a artist/band, you appreciate any special recordings, no matter how bad they might sound.

Amazing Grace 

Coin Operated Boy

If you're a AP/Dresden Dolls fan, download this! It was an amazing day, had a blast. I'll be taking a much closer interest in AP and Dresden Dolls now and I even went and bought a ukulele after the gig. Thanks Amanda!

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  1. My son was the one who requested Coin Operated Boy. I love Amanda Palmer who took it to a whole new level!