Tuesday, December 14, 2010

13.12.2010 - Jack Johnson

This was the third time I've seen Jack this year and it was certainly the best show. Saw him for the start of the tour in Byron Bay and saw him last night for the final show of the tour. So amazing. Jack and the band appeared to be loving it, and the crowd was going nuts for them. One of the highlights for me was Jack and band covering 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' with Tegan & Sara.

This was my first time using my new microphones, a set of SP-CMC-2 cardioids, so I was nervous as to what the result would be, especially when I had hardly any time to set up. Surprisingly though the recording is excellent. The girls behind me got particularly drunk and loud near the end (one obnoxious bitch was talking on her phone loudly through numerous songs) but I wasn't able to move away.

Great night though, you need to download this recording!

Download Here

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