Thursday, December 16, 2010

15.12.2010 - Jac Stone

EDIT: Jac's manager asked that the files not be made public, I'm assuming due to the fact Jac's EP isn't out yet. As such, I have removed the link.

Saw Jac Stone at the Zoo last night, it's the second time I've seen Jac live. Loved every minute of it. Thankfully Jac gave me permission to record audio, so I was able to set up a stand, instead of having to hide my microphones. The first few songs picked up a bit of noise from the fans on the wall, and some very minor distortion, but apart from that the rest of the gig is solid. Darren Middleton of Powderfinger fame made an appearance on a few songs. There was also a great Kings of Leon cover.

Got to meet Jac after the show, she is super lovely. Managed to get a setlist too. It's worth downloading this show, can't wait for the EP!

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